Travel Insurance

At Goldstar, our preferred provider IHI Denmark offers a valuable range of plan options that will help you feel more secure when travelling.
You can choose between Annual travel, which covers you for multiple trips or Single Trip cover.

Bupa approval needed

Your Worldwide Travel Options include:

  • Cover for treatment of illness and home transportation
  • Access to Bupa Global’s medical consultants before, during and after the trip
  • Free choice of recognised hospitals, including private hospitals
  • Free cover for children under the age of two
Basic Cover USD GBP
Maximum cover per person per trip Unlimited Unlimited
Hospitalisation 100% 100%
Outpatient treatment by a doctor/specialist 100% 100%
Prescribed medicines 100% 100%
Prescribed treatment by a physiotherapist/ chiropractor 2,500 1,375
Provisional pain relieving dental treatment 300 165
Ambulance transportation 100% 100%
Evacuation 100% 100%
Return trip 100% 100%
Non-Medical Option USD GBP
Personal accident – death and disability 75.000 42.000

Baggage – theft, robbery and fire

Baggage – loss of or damage to registered baggage

3,000 1,650
Loss of passport and/or cash 300 165
Baggage delay 500 280
Personal liability – property damage 500,000 280,000
Personal liability – bodily injury 1,000,000 550,000
Flight delay – accomodation and food 500 (per day 100) 280 (per day 60)
Hospital daily benefit 2,000 (per day 50) 1,100 (per day 30)
Security and legal assistance 10,000 5,500
Trip Cancellation Option Per person per trip 1,500 850


Travel Insurance generally provides cover for a number of risks, examples subject to policy terms and conditions are :

  • Treatment for medical emergencies
  • Winter sports (if taken up)
  • Lost/ delayed baggage
  • Missed Departure/ Cancelled flights
  • Money
  • Passport
  • Legal Protection

We offer a variety of travel products which range from cover for Individuals to Company Schemes.

Company Schemes

These are purchased by employers to provide cover for employees that travel on business. The salient features of a Company Scheme (subject to providers coverage) are:

  • Medical History is disregarded. This means Insurers may offer cover for pre – existing conditions.
  • The  policies not only offer cover for business trips but also for leisure trips and also provides the option to include dependants.
  • Minimum of employees required – 3
  • Levels of cover provided are listed above and more.
  • These are annual policies.

Individual policies

Individual policies are taken out to cover single members with/without their families. They are two types of policies which are as follows:

  1. Single trip – It covers the duration of the trip only.
  2. Annual policies – It is an annual cover which covers multiple trips, each trip is usually restricted to not more than 30 days. An extension can be offered depending on the type of policy you select.
    • Levels of cover are similar to above.
    • Pre-existing conditions are generally excluded but may be included subject to loading. Insurers will require comprehensive information on these condition.
  3. Non Medical Supplement policies – These policies are issued to complement your International Medical Insurance Policy. It excludes coverage for anything related to medical emergencies but provides other levels of cover such as cancellation and delays, loss of/delay of baggage.